Our company is a team of like-minded people united by a common goal - to engage in exclusive services in the field of creating unique cars and motorcycles. From the first sketches and layouts to the final product that satisfies all the requirements of the customer.

Visualization on paper

Each new project begins with sketches, each project is dozens, hundreds of hours of collaboration with the client. Our task at this stage is to convey the most detailed image, every line, every detail of the future project.

3D modeling, 3D scanning, prototyping

We use advanced 3D CAD programs for design. In the process of modeling complex products, we use a professional 3D scanner "Artec EVA". To create layouts and test models, we use the most modern equipment: 3D printers, laser cutter, CNC milling machines (3 and 5 axis). The fleet of machines allows us to produce full-size models of motorcycles, cars, boats, etc.

CNC metal processing

We have at our disposal CNC machines for milling steel and non-ferrous metals in 3 and 5 axes, which allows us to implement an engineering or design solution of any complexity.

Working with composite materials

More than five years of work with composite materials, manufacturing the most complex forms using advanced technologies from materials from leading world manufacturers. Carbon fuel tanks, large body parts, including carbon roofs, body kits for motorcycles and cars.

Engineering Solutions

Our team is highly qualified in the construction of custom projects. From small interventions in the exterior to complete customization with the manufacture of individual frames, an increase in engine power, brake systems, etc.

Industrial premises

Our doors are always open. We are always glad to see guests and invite you to visit our production.